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Our central ticketing office is fully equipped to handle all ticketing requirements for individuals and groups.
Working with regularly scheduled airlines and charters, as well, we can provide:

Air Ticketing

International flights from any world airport, or connecting through all major European cities.
Charter flights originating within Europe, and many other island destinations.

Cruise Ticketing

Moro Travel and tourism is officially an agent office in Lebanon for LOUIS Cruise Lines a subsidiary of Louis plc, listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange, has over the years evolved and expanded its cruise programmes. Today with a fleet of 13 cruise ships the company also operates cruises from the ports of Genoa and Marseilles to the West Mediterranean, North Africa as well as to the Eastern Mediterranean. From the port of Piraeus, Louis Hellenic Cruises sails to the Aegean islands and the East Mediterranean.Louis Hellenic cruises was founded in 2004 and led to the revival of the Greek Cruising Industry.

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